Information & Program guidelines

  • Must be an Illinois Master Mason in good standing, Spouse, Widow or Orphan of a Master Mason.

  • Demonstrated financial need.

  • Persons of any age can apply (with further consideration given to unforeseen or undue hardships).

Our program strives to make personal, memorable connections with our applicants, in hopes that they feel comfortable continuing to come forward with any future needs. We show true, genuine, and continual support.  IMOS is known for its “caring” approach!

Information, Advocacy, and Referral Assistance

How it works? When an application is made, an IMOS caseworker conducts a site visit (or, in some situations, a phone assessment) to collect functional, environmental, psychosocial, financial, employment, housing, educational and health information as appropriate in order to complete a comprehensive financial and other needs assessment (all with absolute confidentiality). The purpose of a site visit is to better understand a person’s individual situation to determine if financial assistance can be provided. A review of all supporting financial documentation of a person’s assets, income, and expenses is completed.

Additionally, IMOS staff listens and identifies the specific needs of the individual and assists in the process of providing resource and referral assistance in connecting applicants to state, federal, and local benefit programs that they may qualify for. Per our compliance policy, applicants are expected to take advantage and apply for all areas of assistance in which they are eligible. IMOS staff can also advocate on the members’ behalf; such as negotiating a lower bill with a hospital, dental clinic, or medical facility! IMOS staff expand and build their education and knowledge continuously by attending conferences/workshops/webinars, and visiting local departments that provide these types of resources (to remain current on changing trends and services offered). We care for you!!!

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