Monthly Outreach Assistance

Temporary financial assistance is available for qualified Illinois Masons, their Spouses or Widows who experience unforeseeable, temporary and undue hardship.

General Eligibility guidelines

• Must be a Master Mason, Spouse, or Widow of any age – [Senior age will be given priority]

 Types of assistance include, but are not limited to:

• Assistance with living expenses to provide the ability to remain in one’s own home

• Assistance with medical expenses for those living in their own homes

• Assistance while staying in an outside care facility (i.e., Independent/Assisted Living Facility, etc.)

One Time Assistance


One-time assistance for emergency expenses may be available. This help is provided to those that may be able to get by month to month (or just barely) – or for people in our monthly assistance program – that have additional expenses that come up in which they cannot afford.

Some examples of this type of assistance are (but not limited to) the following:

Hearing Aids - Overdue Utility Bills - Wheel Chair Ramps - Health Supplies/Bills - Dental Care - Appliance Repair/Replacement - Furnace or A/C Repair/Replacement - Eyeglasses - Auto Repairs - Lift Chairs - Funeral Assistance